There are plenty of life simulators out there. They can look very different – from something like The Sims, with high-end graphics and totally open world, to less sophisticated projects that don’t offer so many opportunities. However, Bit Life takes away all the decorative stuff and leaves only what matters – choice. The whole gameplay is based on making choices and seeing where they lead your character. If you’re curious to find out, let’s begin!

Live a full life online!

Everything starts with your character being born. Then you’ll keep living your virtual life in pieces of one year. Each of these years you will make a certain decision, whether it’s about going to college, making friends or starting to date someone – generally, anything you can imagine. There are also a great number of random events requiring your reaction, and depending on what this reaction will be like, the traits of character, reputation and lifestyle of your hero will change accordingly. You have a total freedom of action – or rather, choice. And when the life of your current character is over, you can begin once again, but with a new one – and this experience will be already completely different.

New word in the genre of life simulators!

When you launch it for the first time, you will be able to benefit from a short tutorial that will clue you in on how to play. It’s highly advisable not to skip it, because it will explain to you the basics in detail and you won’t have to scratch your head thinking what to do now if you start getting the hang of it intuitively and stumble upon some problems later. It won’t take you a long time – just a few minutes will be enough for you to figure out everything you need to know about Bit Life.

What makes it different from any other life simulators is that it’s mostly based on text. You won’t get to savor any stunning visuals or 3D models of your characters. However, you will still be delighted by bright colors, simple and understandable design that doesn’t have anything that would distract you from the gameplay and clear interface. And while Bit Life seems like it’s not really that deep at first, it gets more and more profound as you keep playing it. See for yourself!

BitLife – Life Simulator

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