Virtual lives may be much more exciting than real ones. And of course much more improbable. And even though it’s just a game and it’s not for real, we may still extract some lessons even from situations that happen to our characters online. That’s why games like Hyper Life have a potential to make us more conscious and even wiser. Because we can see how simple decisions may influence the whole further course of our lives!

The essence of this game is not much different from life as it is – you have to live, grow up, then grow old and make choices that will affect the way your character will feel in the end. Will you finish your life path surrounded by a big happy family, having achieved something and proud of yourself? Or will you die homeless and lonely? Maybe you will follow the path of crime and do a lot of mistakes you will regret? That remains to be seen! Play Hyper Life online and try different scenarios!

Hyper Life

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