Our lives seem to be very long, but they run past our eyes so quickly! Sometimes we look back and we can’t realize how come so many years are already gone. And it’s said when you can’t remember any good or at least significant events that happened to you in the past few years. To make you understand how precious every day of our life is, this game will send you on a virtual journey down a usual life path. You have to make decisions for your character and see how they affect his or her future!

You’ll be with your hero every step of the way, from the very childhood till death. You will have a chance to build your life as you see it going to school, then to college, finding a job, moving up the career ladder, dating various guys or girls (depending on your gender), then choosing a person you will marry, having children and getting a house… Everything like in real life! Try this awesome game and enjoy every moment of it!

Life: The Game

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