You know how they say that we can be reborn as anyone and anything, be it some kind of a glorious genius – or a simple dog. And while we can somehow imagine what it can feel like to be the former, the latter is a complete mystery to us. How do dogs even feel and sense life? How do they perceive anything and is it possible to associate our own experience with theirs? Maybe yes – by playing Dog Life!

Grow four legs and a sniffy nose!

In this fascinating and unusual game, you have a chance to turn into a dog and see the world through the eyes of a four-legged character! You’ll start your path as a newly born puppy. At first, you won’t be able to do a lot of things. Basically, you will spend your time sniffing everything, eating, sleeping and playing. The scents of different things will be added to your database that will come in handy to you later when you get older. You can also socialize with other dogs and humans – although not all of them will be enthusiastic about it.

As you grow, you will gain access to more interactions. In particular, you will learn how to snarl (because you have to show that bulldog this is your bone!) and spray (because you need to make sure he remembers this spot and doesn’t stick his nose here anymore). You will also be able to woo other dogs of the opposite gender and even mate with them with the obvious intention to spread your genes. How cute it will be to have puppy kids!

Home puppy or a street dog?

And since you’re a dog, you can also learn a wide number of tricks. To increase the skill of a certain trick, you just have to tap the icon as often as possible and practice a lot. That will come in particularly handy if you are lucky to find people who will take care of you. But street life as a stray dog has its perks as well! For instance, you can scavenge through garbage cans and litter yards, fight with other dogs and what not! Start playing Dog Life right now and discover more incredible things you can do here finding out what it’s like to be a dog a lead a life of this amazing creature, even though only virtually!

Dog Life

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