Life is short. And it can become even shorter if you spend it running through levels like that! The hero of this game has an uneasy task before him – he has to get through multiple obstacles, some of them rather deadly, and reach the finish line with most of his body parts intact. Warning – this game is rather bloody and cruel, although the graphics is far from realistic and blood is purely schematic. Nevertheless, it may get spray over the screen spectacularly if you’re not careful enough!

The hurdles you have to overcome include a lot of sharp and heavy objects. You’ll have to make your way through spinning chainsaws, sharp spikes, swinging balls and other things that might damage your character seriously. Don’t be surprised if you lose some of your hands and legs in the process! But while you can still run, you have to keep doing it. Can you cope with all the levels waiting for you ahead? Let’s start playing and find out!

Short Life

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