Imagine that you are an emotionally unstable teenager on the verse of dropping out school. You just went on a date with the girl of your dreams and you even had sex. And now she’s pregnant, and you still don’t know whether you made it to the university where you applied papers last week! What are you going to do in a situation like this? They are not rare in Bit Life, and the main purpose of the game is to make choices that will help your character get out of various fixes – or at least come down with a loud and fun bang!

It’s all about your choice!

Instead of emulating the whole life of an ordinary person down to the last checkpoint in their daily routine – what most life simulators do – Bit Life focused on the main thing. Decision making! After all, this is the main instrument in our hands allowing us to build or destroy our lives and affecting how exactly we are going to live in a few years from now. So be very careful while making another choice in the game! Or if you want to just have fun and go wild, you can deliberately make decisions that are as insane as possible and see how your character is going to fare now! Of course, not without your help. In any case, this is going to be an amazing experience and you will surely get stuck in the game for a long time!

Start your virtual life and get a kick out of it!

Since it’s a life simulator, everything run consequently. At first, your character is being born – the race, gender and name are chosen automatically and you have no sway over it. So if you want to be a boy or a girl in particular – sorry, maybe next time. So far, you’ll have to work with what you have. And it’ll be enough of a headache, so it really doesn’t matter! At the end of every level, your hero gets one year older, and each year you have to make some kind of a decision. For instance, being a good student or getting kicked out of college. Finding a job or staying unemployed. Getting married or leading a life of a lustful bachelor. And much more! Find out what else is waiting for you in Bit Life update and enjoy every minute of the game – and every year of your virtual life!

BitLife Update

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