Ocean is a big and dangerous place. And a little person lost on a tiny raft in the middle of it doesn’t have a lot of chances to survive. But your life is in your own hands! You can make sure you not only stay alive on this small piece of wood, but also turn it into a real vessel that will carry you over the waves safely and comfortably!

Of course, for that you need to gather resources. But luckily, there are a lot of them floating over the water. You only have to fish them out and figure out how to use them. After gathering a sufficient number of materials, you can expand your raft and craft various things that will be added to it as furniture or equipment. You can also make tools and even weapons to supply yourself with fresh water, food and fight off sea predators. On a raft like this, you can travel around the whole ocean, discover new shores and enjoy your virtual voyage! So why don’t you start doing it right now playing Raft Life?

Raft Life

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