Mankind has always been prone to religion. And there have been many of them in our history. Some of them were kind and taught us about love and friendship, the unity of all people. Some were rather bloody and were used to wage wars. And even now, when we live in the era of science and rational thinking, religion keeps playing a huge part in our lives. A lot of people still go to church and will keep doing that for ages. So why don’t you try and come up with a religion of your own?

This game offers you a chance to start your own cult. It’s up to you what it will be like. You can set up the smallest details of the faith you are about to bring into the world. The goal is to get as many followers as possible and create a religion that will really spread massively around the globe. The game will help you with clues and daily tasks. Accomplishing them will bring you points that will help you reach your goal. Enjoy this unusual simulator and have fun!

God Simulator Religion Inc.

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