Do you love runners? Can you play them all day long? How about all your life? This game is actually a little representation of life itself. Here you have to run through colorful levels filled with all sorts of hurdles and traps and avoid them skillfully to reach the end with the highest possible score and without dying. That will be metaphorically depicted as dealing with various issues in life and reaching success as if you were actually following your life path with all of its hardships and trials.

The main thing is to demonstrate excellent reflexes and dodge all the dangerous objects that are scattered around. At first, there won’t be too many of them and you’ll probably get through the levels quite easily. Then it will become harder and harder, you’ll have to maneuver a lot and press the buttons very quickly because sometimes being able to turn aside in a split of a second may mean if you can get to the end of the level or have to restart it from scratch. Good luck!

Run Life Simulator

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