Are you looking for a game that will be simple and fun – and at the same time profound and meaningful enough? Then welcome to Bit Life Simulator! As you can imply from its name, it’s a game about life. And in particular – about the choices that shape it. What kind of choices will you make and how it will affect the future of your character? Let’s start playing and see!

So many lives, so many choices!

Look at this cute little baby. It’s small and innocent yet. It doesn’t know anything and relies on you totally. Its fate is in your hands! Now that you realize how important a task lies upon you, you can begin. The first years of your virtual life won’t be much of a deal. However, even as early you can make your very first crucial decision – drop out of elementary school. If you somehow miss this opportunity, don’t get upset – you’ll still be able to do it later (say, when you’re fifteen).

When you become a teen, things will get more complicated. You’ll have to choose whether you’re into boys or girls (regardless of your own gender). And you can start looking for your second half. But of course you shouldn’t forget that exams are near and if you want to make it to that prestigious university everyone is talking about, you’d rather take care of your grades.

Or maybe you don’t want a good job, a wife, kids, a nice house and a car like all other people? Well, then you can try the path of a shady criminal, drugged rockstar or even homeless psycho. The best thing is that you can start your life from scratch when it’s over and make things different! Or choose a new character altogether. Play Bit Life Simulator online and figure it out on your own!

BitLife Simulator

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