What makes our life? Constant choices. We make them non-stop. Ever since we wake up in the morning and down to the moment when we go to bed. Even if these choices seem small, they get puzzled together into a great picture of our whole life. Gradually, day after day, our decisions, both minor and major, shape the course we follow and where we end up mostly depends on them. Bit Life is a game that illustrates it perfectly. And if you’re ready to live a virtual lifetime packed into just a few minutes on your computer screen, welcome!

Start from scratch and get a chance of a new life!

At first, the game seems fun and totally unpretentious. You get in charge of a virtual character – together with him, you will spend the next half an hour of your time which will equate to an entire life for him (or her). Just like in reality, you have to accompany your hero every step of the way. You will decide whether to go to college and become an A student or keep skipping classes until you drop out and, for instance, join some street gang robbing by-passers. In much the same way, you can start a family, buy a house, make a career at some rich company – or end up in the street, up to your ears in debts and with police searching for you. It all depends on the choices you make!

In many reviews, you can read about a great number of improbably and hilarious situations happening in Bit Life. And it’s partly true – some of your decisions may have really unforeseeable consequences! However, the longer you play the more you realize that all these situations may indeed happen in real life. Especially when your character is going through hard times. That’s what makes the game so much realistic and even dramatic under the fun cover that everyone sees when they first launch it.

Any lifestyle of your choice!

And it’s not like there are just two possible options that you can choose from. No, just like in real life, in Bit Life you can become whoever you want and do whatever you want. Working your way up to a CEO’s chair at some world-class company? Let’s give it a try! Picking the path of a rock star with crazy gigs, crowds of fans and tons of drugs? You’re welcome! Living a quiet common life in the suburbs with a lovely (or not quite so) wife and two kids, going to the same work every day and secretly cheating on the above mentioned wife with your neighbor? Not a problem! You can even try all these alternatives and see what it feels like. Start playing Bit Life right now and feel the power of choice!


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