Top 4 Games in This Week

BitLife – Life Simulator Game · Play Online Free

Bit Life is a simulator of life that is based on choices and allows you to contemplate a life of a regular person shaped by them in a span of 10 to 15 minutes. Some kind of a shortened version of our own lives that flick before our eyes so fast and often don’t leave us much time to reconsider our choices and actions and think about changing them. Maybe this game will help you understand the importance of it!

Your new virtual life is about to begin!

At the beginning, the game creates a character for you. That happens randomly – you can’t influence your sex, race or even name. So you have to play with the ones you get. The preparations are done, your character is being born, get ready to play! You’ll watch him or her grow, become smarter (or dumber) and learn things about this world. You’ll go to preschool, then to middle school. You can drop out of it and become a young criminal. Even murder someone and go to jail.

This is certainly fun, but going to college or university will increase your career opportunities and further financial situation that directly depends on your salary (and whether you even have one). Yes, ending up homeless is, unfortunately, also an option here. The rest of your virtual life consists of endless choices just as well. For instance, you can choose your hobbies and daily activities – will you rather go to the library or to the movie? Maybe you’ll start doing fitness or meditating? And what will you do when you finally get that reward for overtime at work – maybe, go on a vacation? All these little choices will make up your whole virtual life! And its final record, along with the way you die, will depend on it!

Make choices and affect your future!

While the general design and style of Bit Life is pretty kiddish, the game contains some adult themes. For example, you can choose your sexual orientation upon turning thirteen and start your searches of your soulmate. There is even an option to become polyamorous. Relationships won’t be easy, just like in real life. You will have quarrels and misunderstandings with your partner from time to time, and then you’ll have a choice of whether to get mad at them or apologize. However, it’s not necessary to find a steady partner – you can just as well survive on one-night stands. Just don’t be surprised if either you or your girlfriend get pregnant! These and many other surprises and crazy events are waiting for you in Bit Life. And remember – it’s all up to your own choice!

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