Life is very much like an obstacle course. It doesn’t always resemble a smooth road – somethings it gets bumpy and you can stumble and fall. But the most important thing is to get up and keep moving! And if you can do it, you will certainly get through all the difficulties no matter how many of them are waiting for you on your way.

This is just what Run of Life 3D is about. You start running as a small kid, then you gradually get older, become a young man or woman, then an adult one and finally finish off as an old person. Your goal is to avoid all the traps on your path and, most importantly, get through the right gates with numbers on them to reach the right age. If you pick up bonuses, you can get younger, but if you keep picking up skulls, you will get older and older before time and may eventually die before reaching the end of the level. There are a lot of them for you to overcome in this fascinating and unusual running game!

Run Of Life 3D

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