How often have you regretted not doing something right? How often have you been thinking, ‘oh, I had to make things differently’? A famous proverb says that we learn from our mistakes. But the thing is we can’t relive our life and do something twice. We only have one shot at everything. And then we have to live with the consequences. If you want to learn and make things right, welcome to Bit Life 2!

Make life-changing decisions!

This game is basically a simulator of life, in a broad sense. On the storyline level, you get a character who you need to supervise throughout his or her virtual life. You’ll see your hero being born, growing up, making their first steps in this world and various things happening to them. But there is also another, so to say, philosophical level. The gameplay of Bit Life is 2 is based on choices. Every time another year of your virtual life is nearing its end, you have to make some kind of a decision. What will you study at college? Will you propose to that girl or cheat on her with her friend? What kind of job will you choose? Will you work diligently aiming for a raise, big salary and luxurious car? Or will you just let it slide and turn into a lonely 30-year-old alcoholic with a shady past? The future of your hero depends on you!

Live multiple lives and try to make it different!

Don’t expect anything very flashy and eye-bulging from the game in terms of graphics. It’s very basic, not too realistic, but certainly cute. Since it’s an instance of story-telling, you won’t have to control your character directly. That means, you won’t be walking around various locations, talking to other characters you meet and perform any actions. The decisions you’ll have to make will show up on the screen in text boxes. Then you just have to click the needed option.

You can try and live the same life as one character over and over again, checking out different scenarios that are possible for him or her. Or pick another one – and then it will be a completely different story. Bit Life 2 doesn’t limit you in anything. It just warns you – the choice is yours and whatever happens to you during the next thirty minutes or so is totally up to you! Are you willing to give it a try?

BitLife 2

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